In providing decent shelter to the Filipino Family, we shall conduct our business with the utmost integrity, fairness and competence,  maximizing the value we provide our customers, suppliers, investors, shareholders and Philippine society in general.


To be the most admired company in terms of  industry leadership in price, quality and service.


Throughout our first decade of existence, 8990 Holdings has become a strong and stable business due to our Five Pillars, namely:

  • Competitiveness – Guaranteed Best Price
  • Competence – Quality building technology
  • Dependability – Nationwide track record
  • Innovation – CTS Gold Financing
  • Commitment – Worry-free comprehensive service

Indeed, 8990 Holdings is changing the game of mass housing by debunking the myths of shadiness, low margins, and risky clients. We realized early on that mass housing is not about houses, it’s about people.